Sunday, May 31, 2009

I just beat Metal Gear Solid 4 today just 2 weeks after buying the Ps3.

It was a good game. It took me about 3 days to beat. It was a struggle at certain parts in the game that took reading a walkthrough to get by them (I hated the first mission of Act 3 where you had to follow the reconassise man through the streets. Maybe I suck at trying to play stealth.).

The story was bit too complexed and force fed to you. It could've helped if their was a rewind option available to go back in case you don't quite understand or missed something, especially considering most cutscenes involving heavy story are about 10+ minutes long.

Neat dramatic moments. Nice large array of weapons and gadgets. Gameplay portion was decent and fun at certain parts. Good ending. I haven't played online yet.

I must note this was the first Metal Gear Solid I've ever played.

Grade: (Single Player) 8/10